Proven Tips To Supercharge Your Email Marketing Campaigns – Part 1

March 31, 2022

Email marketing can up your sales conversions by up to 14 percent. Are you doing it right?

Your average subscriber wakes up and probably begins their day checking emails.

They swipe away without giving much thought to any of the messages in their inbox. Your email – that you and your team worked so hard to craft – also gets swiped away.

Where did you go wrong? Or is email marketing dead after all?

Far from it.

Email campaigns are still an effective form of direct marketing. They help you improve sales conversions by up to 14%. Many marketing gurus report that most of their revenue comes through email.

But why is your audience not opening or reading your campaigns? And most importantly, why are your marketing efforts not converting?


Your fickle audience receives hundreds of competing content. Among all that inbox clutter, it is hard to stand out. People’s attention spans are fast dwindling, but the number of emails they receive is not.

At best, many of your subscribers glance or skim through your content, then move on.

So how can you effectively reach and convert non-readers and skimmers? Let us find out.

1) Ensure Your Emails Are Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices generate over half of global website traffic and your customers should be able to access your emails regardless of the device they use. Image from Pixabay

The mobile-first approach has been an industry standard for a while. 

When you send out an email, 50 to 66% of your subscribers will read it on their phones.

Sadly, SuperOffice estimates that only 20% of all emails sent are mobile-friendly.

But why should you care?

Over half of global web traffic is generated by mobile devices. Your potential customers are busy and will usually read emails on the go. They get turned off if they cannot easily read the email on their phone.

Your email should be pleasant to read regardless of the device used to open it. Though fascinating, clients are unlikely to spend the extra time deciphering your message.

Successful email marketers use the mobile-first approach as a tactic to improve performance. MailChimp estimates that responsive emails can boost unique mobile clicks by 15%.

To optimize your content and make it mobile-friendly, you should:

  • Write short but informative subject lines – Since phone screens are more limited than desktops and laptops, they may not display the entire subject line.
  • Use an appropriate font and font size – A comfortable font and font size helps your customers easily read your content without squinting.
  • Ensure the images you use in your email are responsive
  • Preview and test your email on multiple devices while adjusting it as appropriate before sending it out

2) Include Video Content in Your Campaigns

Videos invigorate your email marketing campaigns and can boost click-through rates by 65 percent – Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

Take a look at your email inbox. How many unopened emails do you have? One valid reason for that may be time. But probably, the presentation of the content in those emails bore you.

Enter video. 

Video is undeniably a powerful communication medium. Its ease of consumption helped the meteoric rise of sites such as TikTok and Youtube.

Videos in email increase user interest and engagement. People spend up to three times longer on content with video than those without it. Over 60% of marketers who sent emails containing a video achieved their goals.

By using videos in your email campaigns, you can impact your KPIs by:

  • Boosting email opening rates by 19%,
  • Raising click-through rates by 65% and,
  • Reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%.

Videos also communicate quickly and effectively. They help you cut through your subscribers’ inbox noise and make your emails stand out.

Don’t believe it?

Two-thirds of internet consumers prefer video over text. In fact, including the word video in your email subject can increase open rates. 

The attention-grabbing capability of video and the power of email can give your campaign a more personalized experience.

3) Segment your mailing list and provide targetted content

Segmenting your mailing list can help you personalize customer messages and increase customer engagement by 61 percent Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

How does it feel when you open an email for a product or service that you do not need?

That is how your customer feels when you send them a non-personalized email.

Marketing pros avoid sending such emails by segmenting their audience.

Segmentation divides your mailing list into smaller chunks with shared characteristics. It allows you to target individual groups with precise and tailored content. It also helps you reach your audience at the right time.

But why go to all the trouble?

As a marketer, besides reaching a customer’s inbox, you should aim for positive engagement. Customers respond better to tailored emails. By sending personalized offers and products, you increase customer engagement by 61%.

So personalization is a must-have in your campaigns.

Many marketers fear the cost of segmentation. Yet, with a bit of patience and creativity, you can easily segment your audience by:

  • Their geographical location – Geographical locations influence people’s buying behavior. It is also more effective to send email campaigns when your target audience is awake.
  • Past purchases – This helps you send personalized recommendations such as products that go well with their previous purchase.
  • The amount spent – You can use this information to divide your buyers into VIPs – those with readily available money to shop, Sale shoppers that are motivated by discounts and sales, and Light shoppers who are price-conscious.
  • Website behavior – By understanding how a customer interacts with your emails or website, you can personalize messages to them. You can do this by checking which emails they respond to or which pages or product pages they frequent.

Supercharge your email campaigns now

Creating an effective email campaign strategy can help boost sales. Your campaigns need to stand out to potential customers. Emails that get opened and read will help you build relationships with potential buyers and eventually turn them into loyal customers.

But you need not build your campaign from scratch. Reach out to us and let us help you build a successful email campaign that will turn your leads into paying customers.

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