How Our Innovative Approach Earned a Best Loyalty-Focused Flow Nomination at the Klaviyo Klicks Awards

March 15, 2024

Our unique approach to email marketing has been recognised in the Best Loyalty-Focused Flow category at the Klaviyo Klicks Awards

Making an impression in the world of digital marketing is no easy task. 

Yet, Drop Zero Digital has managed not just to stand out but to shine brightly enough to catch the eye of the prestigious Klicks Awards. 

That’s right, we recently secured our first nomination in these awards which aim to highlight the best-performing brands in collaboration with the email marketing tool, Klaviyo.

But, before we reveal all about our nomination, let’s discuss the awards in more detail. 

What Are The Klicks Awards?

Established in 2022, the Klaviyo Klicks Awards celebrate and highlight the people, brands and campaigns that showcased elite levels of creativity, ingenuity and determination in the world of email marketing.

Naturally, when the parameters for recognition are that lofty, it’s an incredible honor for us to be nominated.

How Were Drop Zero Digital Nominated?

We were nominated in the Best Loyalty-Focused Flow category following the work we did with Kiss My Keto

If you didn’t already know, Kiss My Keto are an internationally recognised keto diet-friendly snack manufacturer based in Los Angeles. 

At Drop Zero Digital, we understand that loyalty isn’t just about repeat business; it’s about creating a bond with customers that feels both personal and profound. 

That’s why our approach to email marketing is tailored specifically to your brand. This approach ensures that we not only speak directly to your clients but resonate and deliver results. 

To complete this requirement with Kiss My Keto specifically, we delivered striking email designs which stood out in their customers’ inboxes. We also prioritised the placement of offers and ensured the email content matched their brand tone perfectly. 

But what is the Best Loyalty-Focused Flow category at The Klicks Awards all about?

Best Loyalty-Focused Flow Explained

Loyalty Flow email campaigns are automatically generated email strategies that are triggered when customers complete a certain action on your page – such as making a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter. 

These loyalty-based flows have been used as an effective part of eCommerce email promotion for over a decade. Focused on giving subscribers exclusive access to savings and offers, these campaigns help brands resonate with target audiences on a deeper level. 

Going one step further, the ultimate goal of a loyalty-focused email journey is to turn one-off customers into repeat buyers and, eventually, brand ambassadors. 

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Our loyalty-focused programs have improved client lifetime value dramatically in addition to increasing engagement and transaction rates. 

What Being Nominated for Best Loyalty-Focused Flow at The Klicks Awards Means to Us

Being nominated at the Klicks Awards, for us, is recognition for our innovative approach and the tangible results it’s achieved for our clients. 

In addition, it’s a moment of pride for our growing team, as well as a reminder of the impact well-crafted email marketing can have on building lasting customer relationships.

Our nomination in the “Best Loyalty-Focused Flow” category is a testament to our commitment to crafting email marketing flows and campaigns that do more than communicate; they connect, celebrate, and cultivate lasting relationships with customers.

Now, we’re excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible in email marketing even further. With each campaign, we learn more about the art of engaging customers in meaningful ways, and we’re committed to using these insights to continue innovating, improving, and inspiring.

Get Industry-Recognised Loyalty-Focused Emails For Your Brand 

At Drop Zero Digital, we construct experiences that honor consumers, encourage loyalty and create brands that people love and trust. 

Get in contact today to see how our industry-recognised efforts can supercharge your email marketing to start delivering tangible results today. 

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