How We Delivered A 79% Increase in Email ROI for Tuffwraps

March 25, 2024

Increasing email return on investment is a huge challenge for most eCommerce brands. You need to know what your end user subscribers and customers want and how to engage them with your design and copy.

This is exactly what DropZero Digital has done for weightlifting and sports equipment brand Tuffwraps. Improving their ROI and generating around $80,000 in revenue since beginning the collaboration at the start of February.

Our tailored campaigns delivered a surge in email ROI for the international brand, allowing them to enhance engagement across their marketing channels. 

But before we explain our approach with Tuffwraps and review the results, let’s get you better acquainted with our incredible client. 

Who Are Tuffwraps?


Created in 2013 by Dr. Jaysen Sudnykovych, Tuffwraps supplies a range of products specifically for powerlifters in USA.

After initially developing a unique range of supportive products, such as the “Villan Wrist Wraps,” which help professional athletes improve their powerlifting performance in the U.S., the brand branched out into other products. Fashion apparel and a wider range of gym accessories came before diversifying into the UK market. 

When Tuffwraps entered the UK around 2018, the challenge was to create as strong a brand in Europe as they’d cultivated in the States. 

Flash forward six years, and they are scaling fast. However, the DropZero influence has given their email campaigns, audience engagement, and ROI a major and timely boost for both the USA and UK stores. 

But what did we do to galvanize this incredible brand?


What We Did to Increase Email ROI?

The challenge for Tuffwraps was to resonate with the USA and UK powerlifting market by enhancing their subscriber numbers and driving performance from their existing audience.

That’s where we came in. Luckily, we specialize in delivering effective email marketing for eCommerce businesses

Over the next few weeks, we set to work implementing a striking welcome flow campaign for new subscribers and delivering product-focused messaging to drive sales.

Getting optimal performance from those campaigns meant focusing on these core elements: 

  • Email design 
  • Reinforcing brand credibility 
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Product placement 
  • Audience segmentation

Improving Email Design

Previously, Tuffwraps USA and UK email campaigns had been super informative but lacked the design energy to resonate with their audience. 

We turned that on its head by implementing a new design that leveraged GIFs, striking content, and attention-grabbing subject lines to help our emails stand out in the customers’ inboxes



Plus, we leveraged Tuffwraps’ incredible line-up of brand ambassador athletes like James Hollingshead and women’s deadlift world record holder, Lucy Underdown, to inspire brand trust. 

Enhancing Brand Credibility 

The first message in the welcome flow showcased the incredible Tuffwraps athletes using the products and provided key product information. 

This not only built credibility from the beginning but also strengthened the message that Tuffwraps is a leading name in the industry. 

In addition to offering brand and product reassurance, this enhancement also highlighted to subscribers that they could implement leading products to see improved results from their workout regimen.  

Loyalty Rewards


After boosting the design and highlighting that range of athletes, we used our industry-recognised loyalty-flow approach to give customers better product access. 

Our welcome email campaign placed exclusive discount codes and other subscriber rewards above the fold. Giving them as much exposure as the athletes and allowing customers to start moving down the sales funnel voluntarily.

Driving Product Awareness Through Placement

Throughout the welcome flow and the rest of our Tuffwraps campaigns, we’ve focused on giving customers a succinct and engaging introduction to the brand while simultaneously clearly emphasizing sales. 

The placement of exclusive discounts is paramount. But we also wanted to showcase leading lines across the ranges. From wraps to apparel and everything in between, we’ve dedicated time to each send, ensuring every product line got its time in the sun.

For example, in our welcome flow, message one talks more aspirationally about the brand and athletes. However, the message is in two places: the product and the design. Above all, their range of “Villain Wraps” leads the design since it is by far their bestselling product.

Audience Segmentation 

One driving factor behind our enhanced email delivery was audience segmentation. Instead of creating killer emails and bulk-sending them to the whole Tuffwraps USA and UK audiences, we got picky about who should receive what messaging and when.  

This approach was key to moving subscribers through the journey from initial welcome to successful purchase and beyond.

So, we hear you shout, what did all this activity yield?

What Were the Results?

Over the first 30 days of working with Tuffrwaps, our campaigns delivered a 79% increase in revenue with 44% coming solely from email campaigns. 

In addition, from the period February 2024 – March 2024, our campaigns delivered a 46% increase in revenue vs. the previous period with email-attributed revenue sitting at 44.85%.

But don’t just take our word for it. 

What Do Tuffwraps Say?

Our unique, tailored approach has been delivering brilliant results for the client. In fact, Dr. Sudnykovych, CEO of TuffWraps, said of our campaigns: 

“Partnering with DropZero Digital has been a game-changer for our email marketing efforts. From the outset, Tom and his team’s passion, creativity, and data-driven approach have not only revitalized our email campaigns and flows but also significantly boosted our engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. 

Their commitment to excellence and delivering beyond expectations has made a remarkable impact on our business, proving DropZero Digital to be a leader in the email marketing industry.”

Surge Your Email ROI With Drop Zero Today

Want to get your emails working harder for you? Our tailored campaigns are data-backed and educated with your customer insights. 

This trusted combination allows us to enhance your brand credibility, drive organic sessions and, above all, boost your bottom line. 

Get in contact to discover more about how DropZero email campaigns can benefit your brand. 

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